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Lil' Creepers' Epic All Hallow's Eve

Written and Illustrated by Shawna Mathison
ISBN: 978-1-894717-99-1

From Coffin Court to Headless Heights, down Shadow Lane where the black cats preen, the unusual friends of the spooky Creep Islands known as the Lil' Creepers finish their costumes for All Hallow's Eve - a night like our Halloween, but so much more!

Zombie girl Brenna, vampire BFF Zoey and their merrily macabre friends (including Brenna's imaginary brother, Duncan) are eager for a night of costumes, food and games, leading to the thrill of the Midnight Unmasking. This time, though, there's an even more mysterious young character - Precious. Is she a threat, or could she become the newest Creeper?

A wild night of witches, bats and frogs offers a valuable lesson in acceptance.