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The Blacksmith's Apprentice

Ring, ring, ping, ping, all day long.

In a village, long ago, young Catherine loves to hear the hammering from Andre the blacksmith's shop - ring, ring, ping, ping, all day long. She yearns to become his apprentice to learn the trade, but father says, "It's not really a trade for young women." That doesn't stop Catherine, who isn't afraid of tradition or hard work.

Catherine had the most important tools in her toolkit even before her first day: patience, persistance, a passion for learning and a dream to follow. No doubt she will become - like Dorothy Steigler, Elizabeth Brim and Lorelei Sims - a fine blacksmith, who just happens to be a woman. As in the Robert Frost poem, two roads diverged and she took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. - Rory MacKay, amateur blacksmith

Written by: James Robert Chambers
Illustrated by: James Mathieu Chambers
ISBN: 978-1-894717-69-4
Price: $10.95