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Shut the Door

Written by Maureen Flynn
ISBN: 978-1-894717-97-7

There's a secret guest in Room 202....

Rugged detective Steve Ascot has seen plenty in his job, but it's what he can't see that haunts him. Wily partner Penny wants to write about the ghosts that fascinate her, but there's more than she knows beneath the surface. They're drawn to a venerable Winnipeg hotel in hope of cracking one of the city's oldest paranormal secrets, but Steve and Penny will soon find trouble much closer to home.

Shut the Door follows Maureen Flynn's Pemmican Publications debut, Buckle My Shoe, with two smart and sexy characters on an adventure that spans Winnipeg's impoverished badlands and the burnished charm of elegant tradition. This is the second novel in her Winnipeg mystery series.

Praise for Buckle My Shoe
"Flynn tells a mighty good story. Buckle My Shoe is a straightforward narrative told in declarative sentances - with satisfying number of twists and turns in the plot. Flynn has created engaging chaos and untangled it with considerable flair."
-Winnipeg Free Press