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What Happened On The Bloodvein

Written by Matthew Tetreault
ISBN: 978-1-894717-98-4

We made love in the dirt in the shade of the old oak tress like we usually did. And after, as we put our clothes back on, I wondered where Becky and I were headed. She had told me she was going back to school and was thinking of moving to Winnipeg. I wasn't sure what I wanted. I had a steady job at the factory, i'd been there for a few years, and I didn't know what else we could be.

Hours may seem quiet on the open prairie, but a closer listen unearths plenty. Matthew Tetreault's astute and fearless short stories in What Happened on the Bloodvein tap that tension, from a woman's dangerous adventure with her new lover to a homesteader's obsession with a roving coyote, for a soft-spoken yet gripping debut.